Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informations Technologies

Electrical Engineering and Electric Mobility

Anna-Lena Fischer, Study Ambassador

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Jasmin Barioudi, Studienbotschafterin


Borislav Radev, Study Ambassador

Faculty of Computer science

Marcel Nhan Porträt

Computational Life Sciences

Marcel Nhan, Study Ambassador


Timo Weese, Study Ambassador(Dual)

Computer Science

Philipp von Perponcher, Master-Study Ambassador

Artificial Intelligence

Julius Huber, Study Ambassador

User Experience Design

Esther Kähne, Study Ambassador

User Experience Design Bachelor

Cora Unger, Student ambassador

Business Information Systems

Michael Schubert, Study Ambassador

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Julia Bruckschlögel, Study Ambassador

Energy Systems and Renewable Energies

Torsten Höper, Study Ambassador

Energy Systems and Renewable Energies

Rebecca Lewis, Study Ambassador

Energy Systems and Renewable Energies

Anna-Sira Blaurock, Study Ambassador

Automotive Engineering

Tanja Eyßelein, Study Ambassador

Engineering Sciences

Anna Hauner, Study Ambassador

Aeronautical Engineering

Charlotte Munzinger, Alumna

Mechanical Engineering

Maximilian Bauder, Alumnus and Research Associate (CARISSMA)

Faculty of Engineering and Management

Engineering and Management

Janina Weingartner, Study Ambassador

Engineering Procurement

Isabelle Knöll, Master Study Ambassador

Technical Design

Nils Hitzinger, Study Ambassador

Engineering and Business (German), B. Sc.

Study Ambassador Elisabeth Göttler

Engineering and Business (German), M. Sc.

Levin Franz, Master-Studienbotschafter

THI Business School

Business Administration

Sabrina Bayer, Study Ambassador

Digital Business

Julia Wagner, Studienbotschafterin

Digital Business

Robert Kemna, Study Ambassador

Global Economics and Business Management

Alisha Schmidt, Study Ambassador

International Management

Fabian Kapfhammer, Study Ambassador

Media Psychology and Digital Business

Annika Volkmann, Study Ambassador

Faculty of Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainability and Environmental Management

Nadine Schimeck, Study Ambassador