Self-study opportunities

"Every new language is like an open window that opens up a new view of the world and broadens the view of life."  (Frank Harris)

Whether you’re a student, an employee of THI or a language enthusiast, here you will find useful links for self-study if you want to keep your language skills up to date, expand them or even learn a new foreign language. You can either use them to learn a language on your own, or use them in addition to lessons at the university, at a language school, at an adult education center, or to prepare for a language trip or stay abroad.

The links are sorted for each language by

  • Learning platforms and apps
  • Reading comprehension: online magazines, news and magazines
  • Writing skills: online tutorials and instructions, e.g. for writing job applications, business letters, academic texts or essays
  • Listening comprehension: videos and podcasts, web TV/radio
  • Grammar/spelling and vocabulary training
  • Dictionaries, rhyme and synonym dictionaries

A comprehensive source for tips on language learning is also provided by the Superprof website with up-to-date blogs on language learning.

Links to cross-language learning platforms and apps such as Duolingo, Babbel and Co. can be found under General platforms and apps for language learning.

If you come across interesting links that you would like to share, we would welcome receiving your suggestions at