Dual Studies

The dual study model is the optimum twofold combination of theory and practice. The joint study combines regular Bachelor’s studies with vocational or trade training; the study combined with immerged internship focuses on a comprehensive practical training within companies, which is not completed with a degree, like the vocational training. The main target group consists of top-performing and highly committed students, who want to gain practical experience within a company. Dual study contributes to the training of executives who can provide all necessary technical/trade competence and practical experience from the very beginning of their career.

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt supports and develops its dual study programme in close cooperation with prestigious business partners.

International Character

The international profile of THI is best reflected in its mission and targets. We strive to meet the highest standards in all areas of research, teaching and management, taking into account the increasing globalization and the educational expectations of our students, business partners and society. At the moment, aboout 30% of our graduates have spent at least one semester of study or internship abroad.

Successful Applied Research

The Research centre (ZAF) was founded in order to support all activities related to the area of research. THI Professors  supported by graduates in their position as research assistants conduct publicly subsidized and industry financed research projects. With the opening of CARISSMA Center of Automotive Research on Integrated Safety Systems and Measurement Area, THI was able to broaden its fields of study: The aim of this facility is to conduct applied research in order to enhance traffic safety in Germany and abroad. 

Further Education and Training

Further education and training became central issues for THI because of the high innovative tempo and the rapid progress of knowledge in all professional fields. The Institute of Executive Education (IAW), founded in 2008, focuses on a wide range of activities in the field of further education and offers a large number of training programs and events. These are aimed at professionals who want to gain further qualifications alongside their work. The IAW offer ranges from extra-occupational Master’s programmes over degree certificates and customized corporate programs to events and public lectures.   

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