User administration

To be able to use the services of the Central IT Service, you need a user account for authentication purposes. You receive this at the start of your studies or employment.
Together with your user account you get a size of 2 GB for your homedrive, 1 GB for your roaming profile and currently 200 MB for your mailbox.
Please, note that your data at the homedrive are not backed up.
The user is personally responsible for a back up of his data.

For an account to be issued, you must agree to the Guidelines for Use .

The user account allows you access ...

  • to the student portal (Primuss)
  • to the webmail system
  • to the university's PCs (Internet use for research purposes, PC pools, labs, library)
  • to the Moodle learning platform
  • to the university's WLAN
  • to any systems of the various faculties

Before log-in (Initialpassword)

When the user account is created, a randomly generated password is assigned. This password must be changed to a password of your choice the first time you log in to our webmail system or on a computer on the campus.

You cannot use the services without changing the password!

It should be in your own interests to choose a sufficiently complex password to avoid any misuse by third parties.


For beginners: Here you will find the self-learning course Introduction to IT Systems!
If you have not found your Login Data, please login as guest.


Changing the password

The password can be changed Office Portal or on all the university's PCs, after logging on to these, by pressing the key combination "CTRL + ALT + DEL".

Please be care it can take up to 20 minutes that the password is active in all systems

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten the password, send a mail with a copy of your studentcard at