Language Schools

Note: the offers are usually subject to a fee.

On the platform you will find a search function for local language schools in Germany and worldwide.

Selection of language schools in Germany (across languages):

  • inlingua (national and international): More than 300 language schools in 34 countries, free placement tests, e-learning offers, language exams and certificates as well as language trips.
  • Berlitz: Wide range of face-to-face languages through local language schools (on-site learning) as well as online courses for children and adults. Additional offers for placement tests, language exams and certificates as well as language trips.
  • Volkshochschule (VHS): In addition to this supra-regional course finder, there are websites of local adult education centres (“Volkshochschulen”) for intensive courses, online courses or taster courses.
  • Sprachschule Aktiv Ingolstadt: Learn German and foreign languages through intensive courses, private lessons, online or evening courses.
  • EURO Ingolstadt: The Language and Learning Academy offers numerous courses and language exams, both on-site and digitally.
  • Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb): As a network institution of 32 universities in Bavaria, the vhb offers free language courses in e-learning format that can be used across university boundaries (OPEN vhb).


Selection of language schools in Germany (language-specific)

German as a foreign language

  • Humboldt Institut: German courses for children, teenagers, adults and executives. For those who want to learn German quickly and easily, an intensive German course is a good solution. Free placement test of German and several locations in Germany.
  • Goethe-Institut: German courses and exams for the internationally recognized Goethe Certificate as well as language trips to Germany. Representative offices in more than 10 cities in Germany.
  • EURO Ingolstadt: German intensive courses at levels A1 to C1 as individual or group lessons.
  • Sprachschule Aktiv Ingolstadt: German intensive, private or evening courses at level A1 to C2. Free trial lesson, non-binding placement and flexible lesson times.
  • Inlingua Ingolstadt: Demand-oriented, flexible German courses in group courses or individual lessons, full-time and part-time or in intensive crash courses.
  • Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO): DUO offers a specific welcome course for international students who want to prepare theirselves. With this course, participants receive information and tips about language and culture that will help to overcome potential challenges during the initial phase of their studies.


Cambridge Institut: Language certificate exams of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge English Exams) and of LanguageCert. The Cambridge Institute, based in Munich, is an Open Examination Centre, i.e. the exams can be taken independently of course participation.


Instituto Cervantes: Represented in Germany with offices in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. In addition to language courses, DELE exams (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) are organized and official Spanish certificates are issued.


Institut français: La France has cultural representations throughout Germany. The Institut français Deutschland has 13 locations throughout Germany. A further 12 cities are home to a German-French cultural centre. Language exams for all major language diplomas such as DELF/DALF (DIPLÔME D'ÉTUDES EN LANGUE FRANÇAISE), tcf, tef, dfp and FLE.


Konfuzius-Institut: There are about 20 Confucius Institutes distributed regionally in Germany. In addition to cultural events, (online) language courses and exams are offered. The Audi Confucius Institute in Ingolstadt is an official HSK test center (levels 1 to 6) for the written and oral HSK language exams and the YCT (Youth Chinese Test).

Italian (School is located in Italy)

A.S.I.L.S: Verband von über 40 italienischen Sprachschulen (Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language), der die Seriosität und Fachkompetenz der Schulen überwacht. Hier werden auch Sprachprüfungen für die wichtigsten Zertifikate wie dem CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) oder dem CELI (Certificato di conoscenza della Lingua Italiana) abgehalten.