Twizy (ANTON)

The ANTON research vehicle was built and developed in the project of the same name. In this context, ANTON serves as an open, explorative platform for the development and safeguarding of automated and connected driving functions. Since the end of 2022, the vehicle has held a nationwide exemption for automated operation on public roads.


Goals and ideas

The main objective of the research vehicle is to investigate methods for safeguarding automated driving functions. The open sensor and software interfaces provide a full insight into the driving functions used and enable continuous improvement and further development of the vehicle. ANTON will continue to be integrated within research projects in order to accelerate development and safeguarding in the field of automated driving.

In teaching, ANTON is used within student projects and final theses. This enables students to gain valuable practical experience in the development and validation of various driving functions.

Finally, ANTON fulfills the task of transferring knowledge to the civilian population. This supports the sensitization of society to the topic of autonomous driving and contributes to a better understanding of the respective driving functions, which can have a positive effect on social acceptance.


  • LiDAR (Velodyne VLP-16)
  • Radar (Continental ARS548)
  • 8x cameras (FLIR Blackfly S BFS-PGE-23S3)
  • GNSS RTK module with 2 antennas (ANavS MSRTK Modul)
  • Ultrasound sensor system (Neobotix USBoardsUSS5)
  • 4G/ Wifi (Teltonika RUT955)
  • Lilliput touchscreen monitor
  • USB interface
  • Emergency stop button
  • Drive-by-Wire interface

Examples of use

  • Real tests on public roads
  • Sensor and algorithm tests
  • Knowledge transfer and public relations

Laboratory management and team

Programme director and Academic advisor "Applied Reserach in Engineering Sciences" (Master)
Prof. Ondrej Vaculin, Ph.D.
Phone: +49 841 9348-3803
Room: A112