Objectives and Ideas

The Laboratory for Sustainable Energy Storage is dedicated to research in the field of future battery systems. An important focus will be the interdisciplinary research of sustainable, safe and economical battery systems. The field of application ranges from electric cars to trucks, aircraft, ships and stationary energy storage systems.

In the laboratory, facilities are available for testing individual cells as well as a high-voltage test bench from AVL (performance data: 800 V/600 A/160 kW) for testing batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors. The high-voltage test bench can be coupled with an 18m³ climate chamber from ATT Umweltsimulation to simulate environmental influences.

A large number of cell testers are available for comprehensive service life tests. Together with numerous smaller temperature and climate chambers, extensive research projects on cell ageing, service life and battery modelling can be realised.


  • Climate chamber 18 m³ from ATT Umweltsimulation, which is suitable for lithium-ion batteries
  • AVL E-Storage battery test stand 8 V to 800 V and an output power of 160 kW
  • Test thermostat IN 530 TW for Li-ion batteries from Lauda
  • Cell tester from Neware with 128 channels (0-5 V; 6 A)
  • 4 X 160 l Memmert Trockenschränke
  • Temperature chamber 0.1 m³ from Vötsch
  • Two workshop workplaces with equipment
  • Workshop area for assembly/conversion of large HV energy storage systems
  • Electrochemical workstation Zahner Zennium with a frequency range up to 4 MHz

Application examples

  • Battery modelling and battery characterisation
  • Durability and safety studies
  • Development and testing of novel energy storage systems using sustainable and economical materials
  • Innovative sensors and methods for battery condition determination
  • Application of blockchain technology and AI methods in battery systems
  • Development of robust battery systems under the influence of environmental conditions

Laboratory management

Research Professor Battery Systems, Head of CARISSMA C-ECOS, Head of Research Group Safe Electromobility
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Georg Schweiger
Phone: +49 841 9348-4500
Room: H026

Laboratory employee

Christina Schieber
Phone: +49 841 9348-4502
Room: H025