Reuse of battery systems from accident and end-of-life vehicles

HV battery systems from accidents and other end-of-life vehicles represent a significant value and can be reused as stationary storage in the context of a so-called 2nd use. Likewise, these battery systems can also be used in vehicles as replacement parts. Both types of recycling represent both ecologically and economically sensible approaches. However, such HV battery systems from end-of-life vehicles can contain considerable potential hazards because of various damage and aging phenomena. The goal of this impulse project is therefore to develop solutions that enable the safe and economical recycling of waste battery systems.
ELOGplan GmbH, a subsidiary company of the Büchl group of companies, is involved in this project with its expertise in the disposal and recycling of vehicles and vehicle components.
The most relevant tasks to fulfill the goals are:

  • Market analysis: quantify the total number of available lithium batteries coming from accidents and end-of-life-vehicles for the second use and/or recycling.
  • Analysis of the requirements for the different second use applications (e.g. house energy storage systems).
  • Analysis of the hazards and safety issues involved during the batteries collection, transport, storage, preparation and reuse.
  • Development of a communication protocol for the second use battery interface.
  • Conceptual development for a battery center for second use. Requirements analysis, technical and production concept.


Funding reference: 13FH7I04IA