Free driving systems for automated driving tests

Driving robots

To carry out automated, reproducible driving manoeuvres, the researchers have systems at their disposal for taking over the vehicle's longitudinal and lateral guidance. Here, mechanical actuators are used which operate both the steering and the pedals. For unmanned driving, a redundant, remote-controlled emergency braking system, which ensures a safe vehicle stop, is used. The vehicle movement data required for control can be provided by a corresponding external inertial sensor system. Regardless of the vehicle type, no structural changes are required to install the systems. In addition, even with the systems installed, a human driver can drive the test vehicle.

Indoor positioning system

The Indoor Positioning System is used for measuring position, speed and other movement parameters of objects. The combination of the indoor position signal and an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) delivers accurate data for dynamic tests.
The system is in operation as a reference system for sensor tests. It also provides data for mobile robots and driving robots to realize reproducible driving tests in the Indoor test facility without GPS.


  •     Position accuracy < 5 cm
  •     Speed accuracy ±0.1 km/h

Mobile robots for experimental ADAS tests

The mobile robots are ultra-flat, traversable platforms used for testing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Their vehicle-like movements and programmable trajectories can simulate real-world traffic scenarios, such as intersections and lane change scenarios.


  •     UFO Pro Platform
  •     UFO Compact Platform

Examples of use

  • Automated driving tests
  • Reproducible tests with dummy pedestrians
  • Safe soft crash tests
  • Driving scenarios without endangering human drivers

Laboratory management and team

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