The CARISSMA research building, which is approximately 120 metres long and 30 metres wide, comprises eight state-of-the-art laboratories for vehicle safety research. At the heart of the CARISSMA test centre is the indoor test facility for integral vehicle safety systems, where general crash tests and component tests as well as road tests for the validation of new vehicle safety functions in different traffic scenarios can be realised.

This is the first time that systems in the pre-crash, in-crash and post-crash areas can be tested in one hall. Integral and global safety systems based on environment sensors, positioning and vehicle communication can be tested in CARISSMA as a network. Different traffic scenarios can be realistically simulated under reproducible conditions and environmental influences (interference effects) such as rain or fog.

In addition to the research building on the THI campus, CARISSMA has a 12,500 square metre open-air testing area located a few kilometres away in the Ingolstadt Nord-Ost industrial estate. Here driving tests can be carried out in the higher dynamic range and under real environmental and weather conditions.