Integration of HV battery systems into the crash structure of passenger cars

New drive concepts result in new requirements for the safety of vehicles. Particular attention is necessary for the protection of the battery systems of electric vehicles, resulting in high legal requirements for technical safety. As a result, lightweight construction materials are increasingly coming to the fore, in order to compensate for the additional weight of the battery systems. The implementation of consistent lightweight construction involves the risk of complete failure of designed structures. For this reason, valid material maps for the crash simulation of fiber composites will be created in this research project. Based on this, a structure for integration and protection of HV battery systems can be developed.
The structural integration of energy stores offers the possibility of weight reduction of the entire vehicle by partial substitution of body elements and significantly affects the positive integral safety. As an industrial partner the company EDAG Engineering GmbH is supportive for this project.


Funding reference: 13FH7I04IA