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You want to study and put your academic know-how directly into practice? You want to enjoy financial security and therefor you are willing to invest a good deal of effort into your studies? A dual study programme at the THI could be the ideal choice for you!!

  • Studying dual means that you combine academic studies either with vocational training (= Compound Studies) or with intensive practical phases at a company (= Studies with an additional practical element and dual master programme).
  • Science and practice are closely linked because theoretical phases at the university alternate systematically with practical phases at the company.
  • At the THI you have a wide selection of degree programmes which can be studied as a dual programm.

Here you can learn more about the advantages advantages of a dual study programme and how the application for dual studies works at THI!

The dual study models at THI

Here you can check out THI's two different dual study models

Applying for dual studies

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Dual studies as sustainable HR development strategy

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Choice of dual study courses

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