Examination procedure

Withdrawal from exams

It is possible to withdraw from an examination for which an application has been submitted in due form and time and to apply for an extension.

An effective withdrawal is mandatory if the examination has already begun (withdrawal during the examination) or if it's an examination for which there is a deadline for taking the exsam in this semester (repetition or regular deadline). If the withdrawal is not effective, the examination will otherwise be graded 5.0.

You will find the application form and the detailed information sheet for this in your Primuss Portal.

An application for withdrawal before the examination is not necessary if this is the first time the examination has been taken, no regular period is affected and the examination has not yet begun, i. e. the examination task has not yet been set or handed over.

Compensation of disadvantages

You will find the application form and information on granting compensation for disadvantages in your Primuss Portal


Change in the examination procedure

Wherever a person has to be identified beyond doubt, such as in examinations at universities, at authorities or in court, at public meetings and personal checks, the face must be recognisable. In principle, identification and verification must be guaranteed.

Students who cannot be identified unambiguously must be prohibited from taking the exam.

In order that the necessary procedure can be planned, the student must notify the university of this in due time when registering for the examination using a form provided by the university.

Students who cannot be easily identified must expose their face for identification purposes in front of a suitable authorised person of the university (female for female students or, if necessary, male for male students). The check is to be carried out at a separate place/room that cannot be viewed.

Afterwards the identified examinee will be accompanied by the authorized person to the examination room to avoid confusion. This also applies if the subject leaves the examination room for a short time.

At the same time, a check for unauthorised aids is carried out in this context.

You will find the application form in your Primuss Portal.

Applications, duly completed, must be submitted by the end of the relevant assessment period.