Step 6: After the Internship

You have successfully completed your internship during which you gained considerable experience.

There are several important facts to note after your internship is completed.


When your internship is completed, the company will issue an internship reference. If necessary, you will find a template for the internship reference on the website of the Service Center Study Affairs/Internship Department.

Internship recognition (compulsory internship)

The following documents have to be sent as scans to the Service Center Academic Affairs/Internship Department (

•    Internship reference (with date and stamp)

•    Internship report including the company approval on the cover sheet

You will find guidelines for the report here.

Erasmus funding/Promos/travel expenses grant

If you have applied for a grant, you are required to submit an internship report and a reference. Further information on Erasmus can be found here.