Hochschulgaming Ingolstadt e.V.

Hochschulgaming Ingolstadt e.V. (HGI) is a gaming & e-sports association from Ingolstadt, Germany, which has set itself the goal of promoting e-sports and video game culture. HGI has already achieved this in the first few semesters by creating a social network for its members to play video games together, by organising competitive tournaments, as well as by having its own e-sports teams, and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Currently, HGI has over 10 e-sports teams in 5 different games, participating in various leagues such as the Uniliga, Prime League or Project V, as well as in different tournaments. This has allowed the teams to not only claim larger amounts of prize money, but also qualify for worldwide tournaments through their victories.

In addition to the e-sports teams, HGI regularly hosts public tournaments with prize money, which are broadcasted live on Twitch with professional casters. Additionally the games of the e-sports teams are broadcasted several times a week on the Twitch channel. As a result, HGI is not only known in Ingolstadt, but also throughout Germany in the e-sports sector. The streams and individual clips are also published on the social media channels to keep other students and interested parties up to date.

In order to bring together all HGI members and like-minded gamers in one place, Hochschulgaming Ingolstadt operates its own Discord server with around 1000 members. Furthermore, HGI also has its own publicly accessible Minecraft server.

Since Hochschulgaming Ingolstadt e.V. was only founded in August 2022, the association is still relatively at the beginning of a hopefully long and successful history.

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