Tasks and Contacts


The examiners are authorised to take university examinations. In accordance with the regulations of the examination committee, they are responsible for the performance requirements.

Overviews with contact information for the individual persons can be found on the pages of the faculties and institutions:

Faculties and Study Faculty:

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (E)

Engineering and Management (WI)

Computer Science (I)

Mechanical Engineering (M)

Sustainable Infrastructure on Campus Neuburg (NI)

THI Business School (BS)

Institute for Executive Education (IAW)


Other institutions:

Language Center (SZ)

Center of Entrepreneurship (CoE)

Examination commissions

The examination commission in each faculty is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the examinations in detail. This includes the determination and announcement of the dates for the examinations, appointing the examiners, setting and announcing the allowed materials for exams and the determination of the exam results.

In addition, the responsible examination commission decides on the consequences of violations of exam regulations, on applications regarding the studies (withdrawal, extension of deadlines, etc.) and on the consequences of non-attendance at exams.

The crediting of competences and study and examination achievements is also the responsibility of the examination commission.

Head of the examination commission is:

for the Faculty of Sustainable Infrastructure:

Herr Prof. Dr. Andreas Haese
Mail: Andreas.Haese@thi.de

for the THI Business School:

Herr Prof. Dr. Markus Jordan
Mail: markus.jordan@thi.de

for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology:

Herr Prof. Dr. Rainer Krämer
Mail: rainer.krämer@thi.de

for the study course  Applied Research in Engineering Sciences:

Herr Prof. Dr. Ondrej Vaculin
Mail: Ondrej.Vaculin@thi.de

for the Faculty of Computer Science:

Frau Prof. Dr. Inge Weigel
Mail: inge.weigel@thi.de

for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Herr Prof. Dr. Jiří Horák

for the Faculty of Engineering and Management:

Herr Prof. Dr. Thomas Haug
Mail: Thomas.Haug@thi.de

for the Institute for Executive Education:

Herr Prof. Dr. Thomas Vogler
E-Mail: Thomas.Vogler@thi.de

for the Language Center:

Herr Prof. Dr. Markus Jordan
E-Mail: Markus.Jordan@thi.de

for the Certificate "Entrepreneurship und Unternehmertum":

Herr Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer
E-Mail: Christian.Stummeyer@thi.de


You can upload all applications that the examination commission decides on directly in the PRIMUSS portal.

Examination board

The Examination board is responsible for applications for compensation for disadvantages, for contradiction. Contact the Examination board via the Legal Department

Chairman of the Examination board: 

Prof. Dr. Jörg Clostermann
E-Mail: Joerg.Clostermann@thi.de