Award guidelines

  • The award is neither tied to religious affiliation nor dependent on the respective nationality.
  • Students of all faculties and departments are to be included.
  • Only students who are studying at least in the 2nd semester at a Bavarian university are eligible for grants.
  • The grants must be applied for in writing. The application must be accompanied by an endorsement of the responsible university professor regarding expenses and previous study achievements as well as a cost summary.
  • Students must prove the appropriate use of the aid within a reasonable period of time (determined by the university) by means of receipted invoices; the receipts will be retained by the university.
  • The aid can only be granted to destitute students. Students who receive benefits according to BAföG can be regarded as destitute. Neediness can also be assumed if the student credibly assures that the current net monthly income of the person obliged to support is not higher than twice the allowance according to § 25 Abs. 1 BAföG plus the single allowance according to § 25 Abs. 3 Nr. 2 BAföG for each dependent child including the student himself/herself.
  • In the course of the studies, the student can only be considered a second time in exceptional cases.


What is promoted?

Depending on the requirements of a course of study, for example, books, calculators or computers are funded. The necessity must always be confirmed by a responsible professor. The university reserves the right to settle only a part of the submitted claims.


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