The ERASMUS+ programme offers funding opportunities for staff mobility for teaching and learning purposes as well as for further education and training measures. The basis for funding is mobility to a partner university with which the THI has signed a valid ERASMUS contract or an institution funded by the Erasmus programme (e.g. language schools).


Funding period:

The length of the funding period is limited to a maximum of 5 working days at the THI (plus one travel day). Mobility for teaching purposes must comprise at least eight teaching hours in one week or a shorter period. Longer periods can only be funded after separate assessment and in exceptional cases.

Many partner universities also offer so-called international staff weeks. These usually last about 4-5 days, present a specific topic or are aimed at employees of specific administrative units. You can find an overview of all European Staff Weeks here.

All information and documents are available on  mythi!






Erasmus+ Hochschulpersonal im Ausland #kurzerklärt