Staff mobility for teaching/training in the Erasmus+ programme

Mobility of lecturers (STA) and non-scientific personnel (STT)

The ERASMUS+ programmr offers funding opportunities for personnel mobility for teaching and training purposes as well as for further education. The basis for funding is the mobility to a partner institution with which the THI has signed a valid ERASMUS contract. At the THI, the length of the funding period is limited to a maximum of 5 working days (plus one day for travel) since the funding provided by the DAAD for personnel mobility is limited. Longer periods of time can only be funded after special examination and in exceptional cases.

Documents to be submitted for the application


  •  Mobility agreement for teaching purposes (see download area)


  •     Mobility agreement for further education and training (see download area)

Excerpt from the ERASMUS+ Programme Guide on Staff Mobility

ERASMUS+ funding is available for individual stays from 2 days to 2 funding months (60 days). ... The mobility for teaching purposes must comprise at least eight teaching hours in one week or a shorter period. …

The starting date of the subsidized stay period is the first day on which the participant must be present at the host institution, the end date is the last day on which the participant must be present at the host institution.  The actual duration of the stay must be confirmed by the host institution at the end of the stay.  

(see Letter of Confirmation (LoC) in the download area)

The Erasmus+ mobility grant includes travel and accommodation costs, which are subsidized by the EU KOM/NA DAAD as unit costs. The university takes all necessary precautions to ensure that the total amount or a sufficiently large part of the grant is available to the recipient before the beginning of the stay. …

The unit costs 1. for the journey and 2. for the days of stay are passed on in full to the recipients of funding. ... Possible positive differences between real costs and unit costs remain with the sponsored parties and may have to be taxed by them personally.

(Table on unit costs for travel and accommodation support see download area)



Erasmus Dozentenmobilitätsantrag

Letter of Confirmation

STA Prozess-Infoblatt




Bewerbungsformular STT

Erasmus Personalmobilitätsantrag

Letter of Confirmation

STT Prozess-Infoblatt