Anti-corruption officer

The task of the anti-corruption officer is to monitor and assess signs of corruption and to advise the university management in the fight against corruption. He/she is the contact person for employees and third parties.

  Prof. Dr. Robert Wittmann, Email:

Representative for the interests of students with disabilities or chronic illness

Advising and informing disabled students and applicants on topics that affect their equal opportunities at the university, especially on study and examination conditions as well as structural and technical conditions and requirements.

  see Student Disability Service

Anti-discrimination Complaints Office

The complaints office advises those affected on how to deal with discrimination and their rights at the university, as well as how to carry out the complaints procedures.


Data protection officer

The Data Protection Officer is responsible for monitoring compliance with the DSGVO and other data protection regulations. Among other things, he/she informs and advises those responsible and employees with regard to their obligations under the DSGVO and other data protection regulations.

see  Data Protection

Women's Representative

The Women's Representative is helping to increase the proportion of women among teachers, academic staff and students. She advocates the interests of women at the university and advises on discrimination and harassment.

 seeWomen's Representative

Equal Opportunities Officer

The Equal Opportunities Officer promotes and monitors the implementation of the Bavarian Equal Opportunities Act and the THI's Equal Opportunities Concept. The conception and implementation of measures to promote the compatibility of family and career are just as much a part of the tasks as advising employees on equality issues and providing support in individual cases.

  see Gender and Diversity

Information Security Officer

The information security officer establishes and organises the information security management. The initiation of the security process is also part of the area of responsibility, as is the management of investigations into any security-relevant events that may occur.

  see Dept. for Digitalisation

Inclusion Officer

The Inclusion Officer is the employer's contact person for severely disabled employees and employees with equal rights as well as for the representatives of severely disabled employees and the staff council. She also works with the Employment Agency and the Integration Office.


  Melanie Schweiger, Email:

Integration Officer

Among other things, the Integration Officer is the contact person for questions and concerns of migrants and refugees. In addition, he/she is actively involved in promoting the integration of foreign students.

  see Integration at THI

Ombudsman for good scientific practice

The ombudsman for good scientific practice is a person of trust and contact person for all members of the university who have to make allegations of scientific misconduct. As an independent person of trust, he advises the complainants or informants, mediates between the parties involved and ensures that conflicts are settled amicably. He also advises the university management, the faculties and our research institutions in fundamental questions of good scientific practice and can make recommendations in this regard.

  Prof. Dr. Christian Krä, Email:

Disabled Persons' Representative Body

The Severely Disabled Persons Representation represents the interests of severely disabled employees. It is responsible for the integration of severely disabled persons into the office and advises severely disabled persons in the office.



The safety officers advise the members of the university on safety issues, especially on occupational safety, hazardous substances and fire protection. In addition to instruction in occupational safety matters, the tasks also include communication and information on occupational safety throughout the university.

  Achim Lechner, Email:

Reporting office within the framework of the Whistleblower Protection Act

Persons who have noticed violations in connection with their work at the university can report them via a specially protected whistleblower system.

The ombudsman is Prof. Dr. Bernd Wegmann.


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