Engine and Power Train

The successful research experience of Professors Thomas Suchandt and Karl Huber covers the field of engine & power train analyses. The research focus of Prof. Dr. Thomas Suchandt lies on the assembly of drives, waves and axle drive, whereas Prof. Dr. Karl Huber is specifically interested in engine analysis.

The research work ranges from the simple component analysis focused on the use of weights, materials and coatings or specific construction characteristics to the functional analysis of the whole aggregate. The own laboratory equipment consists of dynamic engine test rigs with exhaust gas analysis, a chassis dynamometer, a component test rig for the analysis of oil pumps and generators and a test rig for the investigation of launch systems.

Working for several years in the field of competition analysis led to the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge about standard engines and drive systems including hybrid drives that are currently available on the market. Furthermore, the research team can always draw on important tools for high-pressure and low-pressure indexing, gas exchange analysis, acoustics evaluation and control unit applications when analyzing and simulating engine processes.

The research activities are supported by two research assistants, a laboratory engineer and many student assistants.


Study advisor production engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Huber
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Room: A220