Area of Expertise: Retail & Consumers

The area of expertise “Retail & Consumers” examines international trends, consumer behaviour, the strategic alignments of trading companies, the tools of trade marketing, modern management tools, issues of corporate social responsibility and leadership in trade.

The main research emphases include strategic trade management, e-commerce and multi-channel distribution in commerce, globalisation, trade logistics, retail controlling, supply-chain management in international trading companies, as well as brand management and the cultivation of strong international brands. Research activities in this department include scientific publication encouraging knowledge transfer related to teaching, training and various practical projects with retail organisations. 
As part of the research expertise, the THI Business School is establishing a unique commercial laboratory in which core retail subjects will be investigated with partner institutions. Additionally, the commercial laboratory will provide answers to technical questions related to the further development of innovative trade. The departmental research activities will emphasize practical investigations, while at the same time presenting novel insights into trade research methods and findings.


Programme director International Retail Management
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Oliver Hackl
Phone : +49 841 9348-3230
Room : F211
E-Mail :
Programme Director International Retail Management; Programme Director Retail and Consumer Management; Coordinator Internationalization University Partnerships
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Marc Knoppe
Phone : +49 841 9348-4490
Room : F205
E-Mail :

Research Assistants

Ph. D. Student
Dipl.-Betriebsw. Anna Schleicher
Phone : +49 841 9348-5870
Room : F205
E-Mail :

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  • Rock, S.,  Kundennutzenstifende Services im Multi Channel Handel - Eine empirische Untersuchung 2013: in Marketing in Forschung und Praxis;  Hofbauer, G.; Pattloch, A.; Stumpf, M. (Hrsg.), Berlin 2013

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Retail Lab

The Retail Lab is a realistic point-of-sale facility run by THI in which specific measures for strategy implementation such as multi-sensory interfaces, visual merchandising, security systems and in particular multi-channel management can be illustrated vividly and geared towards practical application.
Further information about the Retail Lab here.