Theatre for free

At Studver's inititave and THI's sponsoring, we have a brillant offer for all theatre lovers on THI campus: Take your seats at prestigious Stadttheater Ingolstadt for free and not just for once, but for any of the about 20 productions on show this season! With our „Flatrate-contract“ THI enables anybody in possession of a valid student pass plus ID to enter productions in the "Großes Haus", "Kleines Haus" and open air theatre in Turm Baur for the whole season - productions staged at the locations "Studio" or "Werkstattbühne" are excluded from this offer.

For guest performances, premieres and performances in the Small House, the quota of tickets in advance is limited to four seats per performance for students until 14 days before the performance day.

Order Tickets

Tickets can be ordered/collected subject to availability no earlier than three days before the performance in question and must be collected from the theatre box office no later than 30 minutes before the performance begins. Tickets that have not been collected by this time will be returned to the open sale. Exchanges are not possible.

Registration must be done in advance. This is no longer possible at the box office. Tickets may not be given to third parties, non-students. Upon request, the student ID must be shown.
And this is how it works

The prerequisite for obtaining tickets is the one-time registration of the student via the contact form at (German only) or in person at the theatre box office. When collecting the theatre tickets, the customer number issued with the registration must be given.

Registration must be done in advance. This is no longer possible at the box office. Tickets may not be given to third parties, non-students. When requested, the student ID must be shown.
Information on the individual performances:, phone (0841) 305 47 200

  • Presentation of a valid student ID and photo ID.
  • One ticket per person


International Student ID

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is an internationally accepted ID for students. It can be ordered in travel agencies or online under

Culture & Sports

Halle neun - Concerts, events and more

Halle neun at Hauptbahnhof has a very nice offer for some of its events and for all our students: "Für 'nen Zehner in die neun" - "A tenner for the nine". Go to the evening box office and get tickets for events ticked with the "tenner"-Logo for 10 € (as long as stocks last)

More info and upcoming events here.

Swimming and skating

Municipal baths (not Wonnemar) and the ice-skating in Saturn Arena are hosted by Stadtwerke Ingolstadt. Students with a valid ID will get a discount on all entries. Here's the link with infos.

Please note that you will also get reductions for Wonnemar, memberships in gyms or local sports clubs!

FC Ingolstadt


The "Schanzer"-pro team offers Ermäßigung (b)/discount (b) to all our students.

Tickets for German soccer league plays will start from 10 € and go up to about 30 € for the best seats in the house.

ERC Ingolstadt

The "Ingolstadt Panthers"-plays in the German Hockey League have discounts available in their online shop or at the evening box office. You will get tickets for between 16-40 €. All infos here.