Gaining practical experience and improving the world in small ways at the same time - that is project work at Enactus

What unites us enactees is the motivation to develop and realise strong, innovative, sustainable and social projects.
We want to innovatively and entrepreneurially improve the world in small ways!


We put our theoretical knowledge from our studies directly into practice and gain initial experience in dealing with problems and solutions.

Together we want to contribute to the realisation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

As a team, we develop social innovations to contribute to the realisation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and thus help people in difficult life situations and generate impact for the environment and nature.

We want to solve these problems in the long term. Our goal is to create social start-ups from our projects, which will be self-organising and self-financing in the long term. Our business and faculty advisors support us in word and deed.

Become part of the Enactus family

Over 70,000 members in around 1,730 Enactus teams at colleges and universities in 37 countries are committed to the largest student entrepreneurship initiative in the world.

Enactus Germany e.V. connects over 30 teams from all over Germany and supports the teams, e.g. with local partners and organisations. In addition, regular networking events take place to promote exchange between the enacttees. The highlight of the year, however, is the National Cup, where all German teams are allowed to present their projects to a jury. The winner of the competition represents Enactus Germany worldwide in an international comparison of all Enactus teams at the World Cup.

Become part of Enactus Ingolstadt

Enactus is one of the youngest clubs at Ingolstadt University of Technology. With your commitment, you can not only create an impact for people and the planet. You have the opportunity to leave something behind at the THI that will hopefully last long after your studies. Join us in shaping the life of the association, take responsibility for a department such as HR, Marketing, Innovation, Operations or Finance and develop your idea into a social start-up!

We offer you the playground to develop your potential!