In the field of acoustics, our research focuses on vehicle acoustics. Here, measurement methods are developed that deal, for example, with the sounds under motorbike helmets or in e-vehicles. Another field of research is psychoacoustics in connection with biosignals. But room acoustics in training rooms and the damping of structure-borne sound are also part of our activities.


    • Experimental investigations in the field of Acoustics with focus on vehicle NVH.

    Development of Measurement procedures for:

    • Precision of full vehicle measurements
    • Elimination of noise disturbances
    • Vibroacoustic behavior of structures (e.g. muffler casings)
    • Sound power radiationActivities.

    Measurement systems:

    • Binaural systems
    • Vibroacoustic multi-channel systems
    • Acoustic Camera
    • Echoic and unechoic chamber

    Professors: Prof. Dr. Joerg Bienert