Engineering Procurement

In the competence field "Engineering Procurement", the following areas are covered: Methods of Technical Procurement, Cost/Value Engineering, Digital Procurement Engineering (Prof. Dr. Dirk Hecht), Global Sourcing (Prof. Dr. Dirk Hecht, Prof. Dr. Günter Hofbauer), Strategic Procurement, Negotiation Management (Prof. Dr. Günter Hofbauer), International Supply Chain Management, Sustainability in the Supply Chain, Production and Factory Planning (Prof. Dr. Andreas Jattke), Technical Risk Management and Methods of Innovation Management (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Ruppert).


  • Focus on the master's program TBM (Technical Procurement Management)
  • Lectures on procurement and e-procurement in the Bachelor WI
  • Double degree or certificate program with CSUN California, as well as joint lectures and research activities
  • Numerous partnerships with European universities

Practice / Projects

  • Several semester projects in cooperation with industry partners
  • Numerous external professors / lecturers
  • Membership and projects with the BME (German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics)
  • Organization of congresses and workshops at THI
  • Supervision of student research projects and theses in the field of technical procurement management

Main research topics via theses/research proposals/working papers

  • Digital Procurement Engineering
  • Innovation management, technical risk management
  • Strategic procurement in a global environment
  • Sustainable supply chain management in an international environment
  • Negotiation techniques and contract management
  • Cost and value engineering

Continuing education

  • MBA Procurement Management
  • Lecture in Bachelor WI Management
  • Seminars and certificates

      Selected Publications

      • Hecht, Dirk; Hofbauer, Günter (2019): Modern cost engineering and value management: the basics and implementation in practice. Handbook of strategic procurement management.
      • Hecht, Dirk (2017): Modern procurement management in teaching and practice. Handbook of Strategic Procurement Management.
      • Hofbauer, Günter; Hecht, Dirk (2017): Procurement 2025: The future of procurement. Handbook of strategic procurement management.



      Prof. Dr. Dirk Hecht
      Procurement Management and Business Administration
      Prof. Dr. Günter Hofbauer
      Marketing and Technical Sales
      Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Andreas Jattke
      Logistics, Production- and Factory Planning
      Prof. Dr. Maximilian Ruppert
      Basics of Engineering Sciences