Area of Expertise: Strategy, Technology, Entrepreneurship & Management

Strategy, Technology, Entrepreneurship & Management focuses on those success factors that contribute to a company´s sustainable positioning in its environment by building up and maintaining customer advantages and competitive edge. Following a holistic approach and starting at the normative level of business development, the areas of Market Strategy, Technology Strategy, Value Chain Strategy, People Strategy, Public Relations Strategy and Financial Strategy are linked together in a consistent way. This is the foundation to develop innovative business models that also reflect on the aspects of economic, ecologic and anthropologic sustainability in a responsible way.


Prof. Dr. Peter Augsdörfer
Management Strategy, Technology and Innovation Management
Prof. Dr. Martin Bader
Technology management and entrepreneurship
Prof. Dr. Florian Huber
Entrepreneurship and Digital Business
Prof. Dr. Michael Jünger
Business Consulting and Management
Prof. Dr. Robert Wittmann
Business Start-Ups and Innovation Management