User Experience and Usability


A suitable occasion to use the synergies from the cooperation and to present research projects and visions for the future in exciting lectures and to enter into a lively exchange with all interested parties. The Spiegel Institute with its focus on UX and usability looks back on years of expertise and experience in the automotive industry. For some years now, the THI has been offering a promising specialisation within computer science with the two courses of study User Experience Design (UXD), Bachelor and Master. A cooperation, therefore, that makes it possible within the framework of the WUD Ingolstadt to convey exciting insights from both the theory and the practice of usability and user experience to all interested parties.

The aim of the WUD Ingolstadt is to strengthen the topics of user experience and usability in the region and at the same time to create awareness for the necessity of user-centred development. Especially for young students and visionaries, the UX expert meeting offers interesting perspectives in scientific as well as professional terms.



    Registration (free to attend) is already open:

    On this afternoon, there will be exciting lectures from various fields and a closing keynote by a proven expert. In addition, student work will be presented in the exhibition area, coffee/snacks will be served, companies will be represented with stands and THI research/transfer projects will provide information about their work.

    15.00 Opening

    • Prof. Dr. Walter Schober, President of the Ingolstadt University of Technology
    • Thomas Martlbauer, Senior Consultant UX, Spiegel Institut Mannheim GmbH
    • Prof. Dr. Andreas Riener, THI (main organiser and moderator)

    15.15 - 16.30 (Lecture block 1)

    15.15 - 15.35 (Lecture 20 min incl. Q&A)

    Jakob Peintner (PhD student, THI) "Does it Take a Team to Drive Automated?"

    15.35 - 15.55 (talk 20 min incl. Q&A)

    Corina Haltmaier (Spiegel Institut Ingolstadt): "Conception and Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Application for Passengers in Vehicles".

    15.55 - 15.58 (Pitch 3 min)

    Sabrina Hoffer, Alice Lell, MUHAMMED MURAL, Emely Rosbach, Hannah Reuter, Muhammad Muhammad, Larin Talabani-Durmus, Carina Ziegler, Jakob Peintner,  Andreas Riener (UXDM students/supervisor, THI): "HapTech: Intelligent controls in public spaces through mid-air haptic interaction"

    15.58 - 16.18 (Lecture 20 min incl. Q&A)

    Dr. Melanie Berger (TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands): "Movie Nights Reinvented: Enhancing Togetherness through Collaborative TV Control"

    16.18 - 16.21 (Pitch 3 min)

    Tanmesh M. Shah (UXDM student, THI): "The Potential of Virtual Reality in Improving Student's Memorization and Understanding of Complex Learning Content: Concept Development and Empirical Validation"

    16.21 - 17.15 Break at the stands

    • Company stands
    • Catering supported by Spiegel Institut
    • Poster exhibition: "Quartier G - a new Identity for Collaboration and Cooperation"
    • Demo: "Creativo- Collaborative Learning in Virtual Reality (Project THILearningLabVR)"
    • Demo: "The Potential of Virtual Reality in Improving Student's Memorization and Understanding of Complex Learning Content: Concept Development and Empirical Validation"
    • Branding meets Usability - Exhibition of Students Work from SS2023 (UXD-B)
    • Exhibition of UXD-B/-M projects and thesis works

    17.15 - 18.45 (Lecture block 2)

    17.15 - 17.35 (Lecture 20 min incl. Q&A)

    Prof. Eric Eller (THI): "The Psychology of Trust"

    17.35 - 17.55 (Lecture 20 min incl. Q&A)

    Boris Schmelter (strategic consultant and managing director SCHMELTER BRAND DESIGN, lecturer at THI): "Branding meets Usability"

    17.55 - 17.58 (Pitch 3 min)

    Julian Ambacher, Luci Fischer, Anand B. Gaurav, MARIA PEITRUSCHKA, Leoni Spreng, Jasmin Wilkes, Theresa Zimmermann, Jakob Peintner, Andreas Riener (UXDM students/supervisor, THI): "Haptic Journey: The integration of gesture-controls and mid-air haptic feedback into ticket machines to foster better hygiene in public spaces"

    17.58 - 18.45 (Keynote 30 min, Q&A)

    Dr. Marisol Wong-Villacres (Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral in Guayaquil, Ecuador): "Towards a World of Many Worlds in HCI: Opening Up Pathways for a Capacity-Focused Design"

    18.45 Closing and farewell


    Prof. Dr. techn. Priv.-Doz. Andreas Riener
    Programme director UXD (B.Sc., M. Sc.), Research professor CARISSMA (automated driving), Head of Human-Computer Interaction Group
    Prof. Dr. techn. Priv.-Doz. Andreas Riener
    Phone: +49 841 9348-2833
    Room: B210


    The Spiegel Institute is a research and consulting institute for consumer research and user experience consulting. Founded in 1950 as the first market psychology institute in Germany, it now has offices in Mannheim, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Beijing and Shanghai. From there, the Spiegel Institute is active worldwide for its renowned clients.

    We bring the user and consumer perspective into the development process of products and services and thus actively contribute to the success of our clients.

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