Databases are tools for searching scientific journal articles, conference papers, company information, patents, standards and much more.

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On DBIS you can inform yourself about freely accessible databases on all subject areas.

Reference Works and Thesauri

Reference Works

Informations about alloys, supplier and others.

Dubbel: Taschenbuch für den Maschinenbau (German language offer)
Standard reference for technicians and engineers in mechanical and plant engineering.

Enzyklopädie der Wirtschaftsinformatik (German language offer)
Online encyclopedia for business informatics from  Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder).

Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon (German language offer)
Specialized lexicon for economics..

Lexikon der Mathematik (German language offer)
Comprehensive overview of mathematics with approx. 17,000 keywords.

Lexikon der Physik (German language offer)
Complete knowledge of all physical disciplines.

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
Special dictionary on economy.

VDI-Wärmeatlas (German language offer)
Working tool for any engineer on heat transfer issues.

You probably know that.


Standard-Thesaurus Economy
Structured collection of terms which you can use for your research.

Thesaurus by EBSCOhost
Collection of economic terms inside the Business Source Elite Database.

Additionally interesting:
Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) (German language offer)
Classification system in academic libraries. Serves to classify a topic in a subject area.

Interdisciplinary Information

Academic Search Elite
Multi-disciplinary database containing full-text information from more than 2,100 journals.
(Quick help ASE (PDF)).

Datenbank-Infosystem (DBIS)
Collection of databases on all subjects (german language).

DOAB - Directory of Open Access Books
Open access to full e-books from various scientific fields and languages.

DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals
Over 11,000 scientific journals on various topics.

ELFI (German language offer)
Database for research funding searches.
(Quick help ELFI (PDF))

Electronic Journals Library - EZB
Overview of approximately 100,000 journals, partly in full text. (Quick help Essays and Journals (PDF))

PLOS ONE - Public Library of Science
Platform for open access journals dealing with general natural sciences and medicine.

Publication server of the TH Ingolstadt

Science Direct
Access to scientific journal articles and book chapters published by Elsevier via the DEAL consortium.

Scopus - trial access until 15/12/2023
Multidisciplinary abstract and citation database for research literature and internet sources (peer-reviewed). Tools are available for tracking, analysing and visualizing research information from various subject areas.

Springer Link
Access to scientific documents from journals, books, book series, protocols, reference works and proceedings published by Springer via the DEAL consortium.

Wiley Online Library
Over 8 million articles from 1600 journals in life, health, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities published by Wiley through the DEAL consortium.

Business and Management

Business Source Elite
Top in business & management: Collection of scholary full-text business, management and economic journals.

Case Center
Worldwide largest collection of case studies from economy. Cases only purchased in context of a teaching course. For this purpose the lecturers can contact Students can only use the research tool.

Datastream is a database for financial time series. It contains financial information for the last 65 years across all major asset classes.
The provider LSEG (formerly Refinitiv) offers various databases on financial market data and infrastructure on its platform Eikon.
For Datastream there is a single access point at the THI, which can only be used by university members. If you are interested, please contact

DATEV Students online (German language offer)
Programs from the fields of accounting, auditing and taxes.
Platform for e-learning and reference works.
Please notice: A personal login with the university account is required. To do this, search in the top right of the pull-down list THI and click on "Login".

Central gateway for a broad range of economic information.

Primary research on future retail topics.
Access data can be requested from

digital SAP-Library
E-books, videos and tutorials in german and english.
This library offers the subjects economics and computer science.

NOW NEW: The "MS Office" and "Web Development" Modules
Note: Please use the Firefox browser.

Database for publication references of psychological literature from German-speaking countries - including editorially described test instruments and intervention programs.

Detailed and up to date: References and full texts from science and practice.

Company Information
Take advantage of our databases for company and market data.


beck-online (German language offer)
Law database with laws, judgments, comments, articles from trade journals and more.

All THI members require a personal account (with university mail address), to access the content of beck-online. For access from outside the campus 2-factor authentication is required.

Tutorial for registration and 2-factor authentication at beck-online (PDF)

beck-online offers free webinars once a month.

Datev (German language offer)
Platform for the topics tax consulting and related professions.

Juris (German language offer)
Access to several million documents from all areas of law.

NWB-Datenbank (German language offer)
Current information from tax and business law. (Quick help NWB (PDF))

Stotax (German language offer)
Subject portal for tax law: Manuals, comments, journals, German Federal Tax Gazette a.o. (Quick help Stotax (PDF))

Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

Access Engineering
Engineering reference platform for academics, students, and professionals.

ACM Digital Library
Information from the Association for Computing Machinery - top in electrical engineering and computer science (Quick help ACM (PDF)).

Aerospace Research Central (ARC)
Database of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Access to full texts (papers, articles) from 1963 to 2007.
More recent content is only available as a record and may need to be ordered via interlibrary loan.

FID move
Contains over 2,500,000 records from relevant data sources for transportation and mobility research.
The catalog is constantly being expanded.

Portal for science and technology.

Herdt Campus
German web platform with learning materials, digital supplementary media and e-books on programming, image processing, web development, etc.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library
IEEE publishes nearly a third of the world's literature on electrical engineering and computer science. IEEE Xplore contains more than 3 million documents in full text. (Quick help IEEE (PDF))

Database with information on physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computers and control, information technology, mechanical and production engineering. (Quick help use TEMA (PDF))

SAE Mobilus
Technical papers, standards and e-books dealing with the subject automotive and aerospace engineering.
(User Guide SAE (PDF) and information video)

digital SAP-Library
E-books, videos and tutorials in german and english.
This library offers the subjects economics and computer science.

NOW NEW: The "MS Office" and "Web Development" Modules
Note: Please use the Firefox browser.

Content on the areas of technology and management within the WISO database. Up-to-dateness: until 12/2021.

Construction, Energy and Environment

ContextCrew - Renewable Energy
Portal for Renewable Energy Technologies.
Access for THI members only. If you are interested, please contact

Content on technologies for the environment and sustainability within the WISO database. Up-to-dateness: until 08/2021.

FID BAUdigital
Sustainable digital platform to support research in the fields of civil engineering, architecture and urban studies.
The subject information service (FID) is currently still under construction and pursues the goal of providing jointly designed future-oriented services.

Data files of the German construction database RSWB and the international construction database ICONDA Bibliographic.

VDI eLibrary
Specialist journals from the fields of construction, design/production, logistics, energy and environment.

Life Sciences

More than 67 million records from the fields of medicine and health care, nutrition, environmental and agricultural sciences. Includes data sources from MEDLINE and AGRICOLA.
Also searches PubMed with more than 33 million references for biomedical literature.


Patents and Standards

Database of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office for online searches on patent publications from around the world (Quick help DEPATISnet (PDF)).

Patent publications of the European Patent Office.

DIN standards (including DIN EN, DIN EN ISO and DIN ISO), ISO standards and VDI guidelines in full-text as well as evidence of other standards.
Previously: Perinorm

Lists international patents.

VDE standards
Online access to VDE standards. Printing and saving is not possible.

Statistical Information

Website of the Federal Statistical Office Germany.

IEA Statistics
Includes statistical data from the International Energy Agency on the OECD platform.

OECD iLibrary
Access to all OECD studies and statistics.

Leading Statistics Portal with data on 600 international industries. (Quick help Statista (PDF))

Information of the Statistical Offices of federal and state government.

Company Information

Manufacturers and Products Directory.

Key Technologies in Bavaria - the companies' database
Information about Bavarian companies, research institutions, specialised government agencies and associations.

Business information covering over 30 industries. (Quick help MarketLine (PDF))

Wer liefert was
Supplier search engine.


Press Reader
Access to more than 7,000 journals from 120 countries in 60 languages. (Quick help Press Reader (PDF))

Süddeutsche Zeitung LibraryNet (German language offer)
Access to current and older articles of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

World Newspapers Online
Breaking news from world newspapers.

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