Goals and idea

The laboratory serves to train students in the basics of welding technology. All common welding processes are demonstrated and the students can put the theoretical knowledge into practice on the equipment. The cooperation with the materials laboratory allows the examination of welding results. This also results in challenging topics for Master and Bachelor theses.

Laboratory C 003

Laboratory equipment and activities

Equipment and function
  • Electrode welding equipment: Kemppi/Lorch
  • MIG/MAG gas-shielded welding equipment: AirLiquide Optipuls, Kemppi double case welding machine Pro 4200
  • TIG welding machines: Kemppi AC/DC 3500W, Kemppi MLS 2300 AC/DC with water cooling and semi-automatic cold wire feeding Trafimet Easy 300
  • Laser welding system: Alpha Laser ALW Vario 150
  • Plasma welding/plasma powder cladding system: Castolin Eutronic GAP 2001 DC
  • Spot welding system: Tecna spot welding unit with spotter function
  • Stud welding unit: HBS CDi 1502 with tip ignition
  • Autogenous welding equipment: Knives
  • Plasma cutting system
  • Foundry with inductive heating for stainless steels and non-ferrous metals
  • Mini casting machine MC 100 V
  • Forge
  • Optional subject welding technology with practical training (Bachelor)
  • Bachelor and Master Theses
  • Use in the context of various master lectures