Step 6: After your return

Recognition of grades

Once your study semester is complete, your partner university sends your grade sheet (TOR = Transcript of Records) to the THI International Office. You are informed as soon as it has been received. The IO makes a certified copy which you have to submit to the SCS (Service Center Academic Affairs) along with a certified copy of the signed LA so that the grades and subjects can be credited to your degree programme. If you still have the original LA, please bring this along, too. Further information can be found in Moodle.


Students who have received Erasmus+ funding or a PROMOS grant are also required to accomplish Part III of the intercultural training program (IKT) after their semester abroad. Part III of IKT is provided during the semester following your stay abroad.


If you have been abroad on the Erasmus+ programme, you must make sure to submit the following documents to the IO not later than four weeks after the end of the semester at the host university in order to receive the second instalment of your funding:

  • Upload signed Letter of Confirmation (LoC – see download section; this certificate may not be issued by the host university more than one week before your departure) in Mobility Online
  • Upload report (word document) in Mobility Online
  • Inform the IO that both documents are available in Mobility Online
  • Participate in Intercultural Training, Part lll
  • Second OLS Language Test in the host university’s teaching language
  • Fill in participant's report (invitation to this report will be sent automatically to your email address)

Evaluation sheet

Students who have been in countries outside Europe are asked to fill in the evaluation sheet (see download section) and submit this to the IO when they collect their grade sheet.