Gender and Diversity

THI welcomes men and women of all persuasions, regardless of their social background and origin, whether disabled or not and whether they have children or not, and as an institution it is committed to ensuring equal treatment for them all.

The first Gender Equality Planwas developed in 2009 at THI and includes the goals and measures to increase the number of women in Science and Education as well as the number of female students in MINT-studies. Since 2009 THI was successfully assessed by the BMBF to get founding for the German Women Professor Programme. Since then the number of female professors could be increased even in technical faculties. The latest Gender Equality Plan (GEP) was issued in 2019.
In June 2010 THI was awarded the distinction of “family-friendly university” by Kristina Schröder, who was Minister of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth at the time. Since then the university has pursued the goal of providing highly effective support for employees and students in reconciling work or study with a family. The aim is to create family-friendly working conditions for university employees and family-friendly study conditions for students.
In addition to numerous established measures that make it easier to cope with the demands of combining a family with a job or a degree course, the university also offers an advisory service for all its members. The personal life and work situations of families are becoming increasingly diverse and it is no longer sufficient to think in terms of preconceived patterns. Instead, personal interviews are taken as a basis for individual support.
Students are involved in social projects to help refugees and children in care, while the student association N.I.C.E. founded in 2015 provides support for the increasing numbers of international students, helping them with bureaucracy and day-to-day problems in Germany. In 2015 THI also started appointing professors as integration representatives and as representatives for people with disabilities.
See the following pages for an overview of THI advisory and support services on the issue of combining a job or university study with a family.

Advisory service

Issues relating to the compatibility of work/study and a family often vary considerably from one individual to the next and a face-to-face interview is generally the best way of tackling them. The following are examples of some of the topics that might be addressed at an appointment:
•    Planning university studies in the context of maternal and parental leave
•    Childcare
•    THI support measures for parents who are studying or working
•    THI network for student parents and working parents.
Please arrange an appointment with the gender equality representative (

Parent-Child Office

THI has offered a Parent-Child Office for students and employees since 2012. The office is located on the second floor of F Building (F 114) and is available to all university members with children if regular childcare arrangements happen to be unavailable and there is no other option. This allows parents to fill short-term childcare gaps and continue to pursue their studies or their work. The office can be used with with prior registration. Please refer to the office of the "Gleichstellungsbeauftragte". Employees are also required to speak to their superior in advance. Parents are responsible for ensuring supervision of their children in the Parent-Child Office: children may not be left there unsupervised!


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