Mission Statement

THI, a University of Applied Sciences – 
Avant-garde in practice-oriented teaching and applied research

  • We are trend-setters and create skills across industrial sectors in the fields of technology and economy.
  • We pursue a cosmopolitan approach to teaching, research and learning with conviction and passion.
  • We meet our social responsibility by excellent performance in our actions. 
  • We appreciate the personality of our staff members as well as that of our students, we have faith in their strengths and promote potential.

Mission statement of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

Intelligent and human

With our dedication to scientific standards and practical implementation, embracing the world yet firmly anchored in our region, we create intelligent solutions and thrive on convincing professional skills. We assess current developments in technology and economy; interdisciplinary interconnectedness forms part of our strategy for success.

We base our activities on mutual respect, tolerance, transparency and credibility. We are dedicated to equal opportunities - irrespective of gender, origin, position and religion. We welcome cultural plurality and provide family-friendly university facilities. We pursue our common goals with passion.

Performing and responsible

Our core mission is to provide practice oriented education on a scientific basis. Life-long learning is in our view a growing challenge. We deliver outstanding performance in selected fields of applied research. Our success is based on the synergy of teaching, research and organisation. Gender-appropriate structures increase our creativity potential.

We actively pursue social responsibility in teaching, research and organisation. Our students are the focus of our attention. We promote responsible activities of all employees, students and partners. We open up attractive working opportunities with a broad scope for manoeuvring.

Innovative and sustainable

We are trend-setters for the innovative structuring of teaching, research and organisation. We embrace a pioneering spirit and cooperate in value-adding networks. We distinguish ourselves in the competition of universities and apply a consistent system of quality management. 

We think and act today for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. In addition to specialist knowledge, we promote social, methodological and intercultural skills. Our graduates face the challenges of the global working environment and structure solutions that will meet future demands.