Step 1: General Conditions When Preparing For An Internship Abroad

Are you planning to do an internship abroad as part of your studies or voluntarily? Only after having clarified the formalities, you can focus properly on searching a suitable internship. Internships which are related to your studies can count as credits for your degree.

Make a plan in advance so that you can approach your internship abroad successfully and relaxed !

Formalities for compulsory internships

Please have a look at the website of the Service Center Study Affairs/Internship Department. They can help you regarding the following topics: remission of internships, information on compulsory internships, training schedules, required internship documents, internship coordinators etc.

Sources of Information

Have a closer look at steps 2-6. Besides, the International Office offers various information events and personal advice to help you find out if an internship abroad is the best choice for you. Last but not least, talk to other students who have already been abroad in order to sort out your options.

Practical tips for a stay abroad in the Erasmus+ programme

Praktische Informationen zum Erasmus+ Auslandsaufenthalt – Nationale Agentur für Erasmus+ Hochschulzusammenarbeit - DAAD