Studentischer Börsenclub (SBI)

Student Stock Exchange Club

We are a non-profit association at THI that has set itself the task of imparting knowledge about capital and financial markets, stimulating discussion about current developments and serving as an exchange platform for those interested in the stock market and the economy.

The SBI was founded in February 2012 and is registered as an association. As a member of the Bundesverband der Börsenvereine an deutschen Hochschulen (BVH) e.V. (Federal Association of Stock Exchange Associations at German Universities), we offer our members a variety of opportunities and activities.

For the coming semester, we have already planned and scheduled the very successful stock exchange licence, various workshops and guest lectures by various speakers from business and academia.

For more information, simply check out our Instagram account @boersenclubingolstadt.


Studentischer Börsenclub Ingolstadt e.V.
Esplanade 10

85049 Ingolstadt