Student ID card

Paying with the student ID card ...

Every student receives a student ID card at the start of their studies. All services at the university (certifications, transcripts of grades, library overdue notices, printing credits etc.) can be paid for with this ID card after revaluing it at the student union's machines, using the GiroVend terminals set up in the library. It is also possible to use this credit for payment in the canteen.

Using it as a library card

The student ID card can also be used as a library card in the library. The library's employees will give you a detailed explanation of how to use the self-issue terminal in the first few weeks of your course.

The ID card no longer works

You can have your student ID card checked either at the service point of the Central IT Service or at the Office of Student Affairs​​​​​​​. You can get a new student ID card at the Office of Student Affairs.

Loss of the ID card

Have your ID card blocked as soon as possible at the Office of Student Affairs or in the library. This helps you to prevent a misuse of your ID card, and a new ID card will be issued.

New semester, old data on the ID card?

The ID card can be updated at the start of the new semester on the ID card printers in the library or in the foyer of the university.