The Bavarian Foresight Institute focuses on technology-oriented foresight research and the associated economic and social interdependencies with the intention to create synergies with the THI's technology-oriented research institutes, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence, sustainability and mobility.

Research is carried out in an application-orientated context. Research results are incorporated into consulting projects, published in scientific publications and made available to the Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences via adequate exchange forums coordinated by the Bavarian Foresight Institute, as well as transferred to industry and society. The institute advances young academics by supervising doctoral theses of the mainly third-party financed academic staff. Due to a close integration with various partners, the research institute will focus on third-party financed public projects as well as industry projects.

Master's Program "Global Foresight and Technology Management"

The focus of teaching is the master's program "Global Foresight and Technology Management" for German and international students. It provides interdisciplinary skills at the interface of technology, economics and sociology with a strong foresight focus. The program is characterized by an innovative, strongly project study-oriented teaching concept.


Working and research areas

Strategic Foresight

The research area Strategic Foresight and Trend Analysis is dealing with foresight in the field of new developments of technology, economy and society.
Research focuses on foresight methods, technology trend analysis, and opportunity spaces created by technologies. Teaching concentrates on Strategic Business Development, Customer-Technology-Competitor Foresight and Scenario Analyses Technology Project Management.


Technology and Innovation

The Technology Design and Application research area is dedicated to future technologies and their application areas as well as technology implementation. A special focus lies on the product development process as well as on new technologies such as AI or biotechnology. Teaching covers topics such as innovation management, technology design, technology assessment and technology applications.

Business Development

The research area Business Development and Transformation Management focuses on the business, economic and social significance of technology developments. Special emphasis is placed on the areas of start-up research, technology business model development and technology transformation. Accordingly, teaching concentrates on the topics of business model development, scenario analyses, start-up and technology management, change management and risk management.


Technology Assessment

This research area is dedicated to societal technology assessment, technology impact assessment, and implications for societal change. In particular, research is conducted on future capabilities and competencies, technology culture, business ethics, societal resilience, and the interplay of technological and cultural change. Teaching covers the areas of technology assessment, business ethics, and change management.




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