Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb) - Bavarian Virtual University (BVU)

The Bavarian Virtual University (BVU) is not an independent institution of higher education but a network of universities and universities of applied sciences in the Free State of Bavaria.

The Bavarian Virtual University (BVU) ( promotes and coordinates the development and implementation of online course at Bavarian universities.

Irrespective of time and place, BVU users have access to high-quality multimedia courses offered by Bavarian universities. 

The networked character of the BVU ensures that the professional, technical and didactical potential of the Bavarian universities reaches a broader pool of students, irrespective of their place of study or residence. However, not only students benefit from this network. The BVU also encourages an active exchange and close collaboration between the academic staff of the various universities as well as between different types of institutions of higher education.

All university students may use the courses offered free of charge. Please find detailled course descriptions at and please note that most offers will be in German only. Please inquire at our Service Center Study Affairs about the opportunity to have the courses taken into account.

Under OPEN vhb you will find shorter, open higher education courses that may be of interest to you as well as to the general public. Here also preparatory and study-accompanying courses are offered. These courses are not designed to be credited to your studies. The OPEN vhb course overview can be found at

As a teacher, vhb not only supports you in the development and implementation of cross-curricular online courses, but also in the integration of existing digital courses in your teaching. In a repository, you will find 45-minute online learning units for blended learning, which can be flexibly integrated into classroom teaching. You can also contribute to the repository yourself and set up blended learning units. Further information can be found at