Configure eduroam

Please please use the getEduroam app under downloads.

Your username is your THI mail address

The eduroam WiFi enables members of universities in the eduroam consortium the authentication via their user ID of their home institution. To configure eduroam, please follow the instructions of your home institution. On this site you will find only the instructions for setting up the WiFi for members of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt.

More informations about eduroam

Manuell configuration (only für IT-Experts)

The eduroam WiFi is the standard wireless network for Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. The IT Service recommends this network for daily use.

  • SSID: eduroam
  • Encryption via WPA2 Enterprise AES
  • Authentication via IEEE802.1x standard (PEAP – MSCHAPv2)
  • CA-Certificate: AAA Certificate Services
  • Identity THI-Mailaddress (e.g.: or
  • anonymous identitity:

WIFI for Guests

The Freistaat Bayern offers the free @BayernWLAN without registration.



If you have problems or questions:

Contact by e-mail

IT service point (opening hours)
Tel. +49 841 9348 3200


For WiFi configuration please use getEduroam app:

For macOS, the current option is to install a .mobileconfig profile.



To establish a WiFi connection please use our root certificate: Sectigo Roots CA