AI Applications in Innovative Production and Logistics Systems

Artificial intelligence promises technical innovation and progress for a variety of challenges that only natural intelligent species are classically able to master. These include recognizing the environment, making decisions, representing knowledge, manipulating the physical environment, or creating plans. Many of these challenges play a critical role in the application domain of manufacturing and logistics. The use of AI technologies in this domain therefore offers a high potential for innovation.

Research in this competence area therefore focuses on the use of novel AI technologies in the application context of production and logistics, in particular:

  • Description of processes and process knowledge
  • Enabling intelligent workflows in production and logistics systems under the aspect of changeability in the context of dynamically changing product requirements
  • Cross-component feasibility analysis of production requirements
  • Observation and analysis of production and logistics processes for quality assurance, problem detection and decision support
  • Evaluation and application of suitable AI technologies (symbolic, sub-symbolic, statistical) as well as profitable combination of existing approaches in the application context of production and logistics.

The topics considered will be addressed in the teaching accompanying the research:

  • Electives in the field of AI
  • Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Practical seminars and practical courses
  • Theses (Bachelor / Master)



Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bock
AI-Applications in innovative Production and Logistics Systems