Legal basis

Leave of absence from the Ingolstadt University of Technology is based on § 16 of the THI matriculation statutes. There is especially regulated:

Leave of absence is only granted for one semester at a time.

A leave of absence should not exceed two semesters in total.
(Exceptions: Leave of absence due to maternity protection and/or parental leave (Law for the Protection of Mothers at Work, in Training and in Studies - Maternity Protection Act - MuSchG), care of a close relative within the meaning of § 7 Paragraph 3 of the Law on Nursing Time - Nursing Time Act - PflegeZG) as well as in the case of special circumstances (e.g. long, serious illness).

Leave of absence for the first and from the twelfth semester onwards is generally not possible.

Important reasons

Important reasons for a leave of absence are

1. an illness of the student certified by a medical certificate, if the illness prevents proper study in the semester in question

2. circumstances giving rise to an entitlement to maternity and/or parental leave for female workers or to parental leave for male workers

3. the completion of a voluntary practical training of at least 18 weeks' duration which is beneficial to the studies,

4. the completion of training periods for a recognised apprenticeship trade, provided that this training is completed in conjunction with a company that provides in-house vocational training in addition to the course of study (combined study),

5. a lack of an offer for the subsequent semester required according to the student's progress in his/her studies.

6. an extraordinary extra occupational burden on the student, clearly limited in terms of content and/or time, as certified by the student's employer, which considerably impairs proper study in the semester in question (in part-time Bachelor's and Master's programmes).

The leave of absence according to no. 5 is, in deviation from paragraph 2 sentence 1, limited to one semester.

Reasons other than those listed will only be recognised if sufficiently justified and after a strict examination in each individual case. Economic reasons are generally not recognized.

Application deadlines

As a rule, a semester of leave of absence must be applied for with the re-registration for the semester for which the leave of absence is taken.

If the reason for leave of absence occurs later and this could not be foreseen, applications for leave of absence for the semester already in progress are only accepted until

    for the winter semester: by 31 October at the latest
    for the summer semester: by 14 April at the latest

is taken into account.

A retroactive, subsequent leave of absence for semesters already underway or completed, even in the case of proven illness, is excluded after the above-mentioned deadline has expired.

Application procedure

The leave of absence must be applied for in writing to the Service Center for Academic Affairs using the form provided by the university. The application must always be accompanied by appropriate evidence of the reason for the leave of absence, proving the important reason.

In case of illness, a medical certificate confirming the inability to study for the respective semester must always be submitted.

The decision on the application for leave of absence is made by written notification (in the PRIMUSS-Student portal).


Please note the following:

Even during a leave of absence you must re-register by paying the basic contribution to the Studentenwerk in due time.

During a leave of absence, you are not allowed to take academic and examination credits for the first time at the university where the leave of absence was granted.

However, it is possible to repeat examinations that have not been passed.


In the case of a leave of absence within the maternity protection period and parental leave, as well as in the case of care for a close relative, the achievement of academic achievements and the taking of examinations is possible without restrictions.

The deadlines for taking repeat examinations are not interrupted by the leave of absence, unless the leave of absence is taken within the maternity protection period or parental leave, for health reasons or if a close relative is being cared for. If it is not possible to comply with repeat examinations, an application for a grace period must be submitted in good time.


If you have any questions, please contact the Service Center Studienangelegenheiten.