Application process

Once a year, the 15% best students of each course of study are invited to the support programme. The potential candidates are invited by e-mail to a first information event at the end of March (this year's online info session). The selected students can then apply at the PRIMUSS portal. The selection interviews will then take place in May. The exact course of the program can be found under Program sequence & content.

In addition to the invited students, students can also be nominated by professors for the program. Interested students should contact a professor they are familiar with and ask for an expert opinion. The template for this report can be found here.



The following documents are required, which must be uploaded in PRIMUSSportal:

  • Complete curriculum vitae
  • One-sided letter of motivation
  • Overview of previous academic achievements

The letter of motivation should describe in particular the reasons for the desire to participate as well as the personal suitability for a funding programme. This includes, for example, previous social commitment or special family challenges that the students have successfully mastered in addition to their studies.



The THI Talent programme provides special support for students, but also requires them to take on additional responsibilities in addition to their regular studies. In addition to above-average study results, the participants should therefore also have a keen interest in interdisciplinary topics, be willing to actively participate in innovative projects, show a high level of commitment and creative will, and be prepared to help develop an attractive network.




Coordinator Workshop Program

Anja Nigl
Phone: +49 841 9348-7758
Room: J105

Further contact details