Family-friendly University

In order to find a balance between the career / study requirements and family interests of its employees and students, Ingolstadt University has applied since 2010 the well acknowledged audit “family-friendly university” of berufundfamilie gGmbH. The university undertook successfully the audit and it was awarded in June 2010 the certificate of family-friendly university by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs.  

During the auditing process it was agreed that a plan of 50 further measures and targets shall be implemented by Ingolstadt University for increasing its level of previous commitment in family-friendly university matters. Furthermore, the university will provide its students and employees with the best structural assistance in combining their studies, career and family life.       

Here you can find a selection of former arrangements and measures to be implemented in future:

1. Working time: further implementation of the family-aware flextime arrangements without mandatory core hours
2. Work organization: compliance with family-friendly meeting and session times  
3. Workplace: pilot development of telework service for family reasons 
4. Information and communication policy: assisting students and employees in family-friendly services of the university 
5. Management skills: increasing the managers’ level of awareness and information on this issue
6. HR development: cooperation with Munich Dual Career Office of TU Munich (
7. Family service: development of childcare services 
8. Studies and further academic qualification: examining all possibilities for attending a part-time study

The audit measures have been implemented.

In October 2019 the THI has signed the Charta "Familie in der Hochschule".