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Goals and Tasks

  • Training of students in machine tools, CAD/CAM and workshop-oriented NC programming
  • Practical demonstration of CNC milling machine and lathe
  • Teaching optimisation measures and ergonomics at the assembly workplace as well as optimisation of machining processes
  • Carrying out time determination in work processes (REFA)
  • Programming collaborative robots
  • Training for efficient production


Laboratory Equipment and Software

Maschines and Equipment
  • CNC 5-axis milling machine DMG 60 monoBLOCK
  • CNC Lathe DMGMori_CLX350
  • Tool setting device EzSet 400
  • Coordinate measuring machine Zeiss Eclipse
  • Simulation software Vericut
  • VR planning software "Halocline" with VR glasses
  • Collaborative robots UR5e and Kuka iiwa
  • Assembly assistance and guidance system from Ulixes (the assistant)
  • Machine tool demonstration
  • Exercise workplace analysis / MTM (value creation, ergonomics, cycle time, video analysis)
  • Exercise measuring equipment capability
  • Exercise process optimisation
  • Exercise quick set-up (SMED)
  • Exercise production training
  • Exercise Value stream
  • Practical seminar "Production optimisation
  • Optional subject "CAD/CAM for 3D printing, machining and robotics


Laboratory C023

Laboratory management and team

Vice Dean Faculty of Engineering and Management
Prof. Dr. Martin Bednarz
Phone: +49 841 9348-3508
Room: A221