For Bachelorapplications to courses which are admission-limited (application procedure with Hochschulstart) letters of admission and rejection can be expected as follows:

  • A few days after an applicant accepts an offer of admission (in the portal of Hochschulstart), he or she will receive the letter, or notification of admission in the application portal of the THI. The notification of admission will contain information on how the enrolment procedure is processed.
  • Letters of refusal and rejection will be published from Hochschulstart until end of August (for winter terms) or February (for summer terms)


For Bachelorapplications to courses which are not admission-limited (application procedure without Hochschulstart) and Masterapplications letters of admission and rejection can be expected within the following periods:

  • beginning to mid of February, when you applied for the summer term (starting 15th of March)
  • beginning to mid of August, when your applied for the winter term (starting 1st of October)

Letters of admission and rejection will be made available in the area "application progress" of your application portal.

All the necessary information regarding enrollment will be provided with the letter of admission, therefore please follow the procedure described there.

In case you are asked in your letter of admission to submit officially certified copies for enrollment, please also have a look on our guideline for certification.

Additional information useful for the time after (final) enrollment:

  • after enrollment took place, you will receive your username and initial password. Information on how to change the initial password can be found on our page for the user account
  • after enrollment you also get your student ID card
  • Information on semester fees, re-enrollment and so on can be found on our page Financial Assistance
  • we also have a page with a list of residence halls, and there might also be housing ads on our THI marketplace