Pre-study internship

The practical activity will have to meet the requirements of the elected course of study unless otherwise stipulated by the respective Program and Examination Regulations or the statutes of Ingolstadt University. The pre-study internship should be preferably related to the profile of the elected program.    

Applicants who want to complete a dual-study program (studies combined with vocational training or studies combined with immerged internships) must not complete a pre-study internship if they submit with their application a valid contract with a company about a dual training program.     
For more information on pre-study internship, its contents, locations and period, please see Pre-Study Internship - Information for Applicants. 

The pre-study internship might be totally or partially completed after the beginning of the studies only if its completion before the beginning of the studies had meant an unreasonable delay for the beginning of the studies (e.g. the necessity to comply with military service or alternative service obligations) or if such an exception had been stipulated in the Program and Examination Regulations of the elected program. In similar cases, students shall apply for an exception at the moment of enrollment. 





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