StudVer (Students' Council)

The StudVer (students' council) is the voice of the students at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt and is divided into the following committees:

  • Student representatives of the individual faculties
  • Convention (inter-faculty body)
  • Council of Representatives (decisions on central measures)
  • Senate (the senior body of the University)

The role of a student representative involves representing the opinion of students, co-determination in the appointment of new lecturers, co-determination in the spending of student fees, improvement of student conditions, organisation of events (such as the university cinema, etc.) and participation in important university committees. We are responsible for the following topics, among others: 

Council of Representatives:

  • The highest body within the student representative body
  • Central deliberations on topics affecting the university as a whole
  • Decisions on the central deployment of funds
  • Representative functions


  • Representation of students to the Board of the University


  • Deliberations on topics affecting the university as a whole
  • Decisions on the deployment of funds

Student representatives:

  • Representation of the interests of students in the faculty council
  • Decisions on the deployment of funds
  • Co-determination in decisions in relation to the appointment of new professors and lecturers
  • Improving course quality

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StudVer is located in building W (the containers). We'll be there for you almost always during lecturing hours. Please come and visit, we're looking forward to meeting you!

Tel.: +49 841 9348-2060