Studying with children & maternity protection

Studying with a child is a challenge for parents in many respects: not only must the demands of studying be mastered, but the care and education of the child must also be organised. In addition, there might arise financial burden, especially for student parents.

THI has set itself the goal of providing students with children with optimal support and not leaving the parents to cope alone with the many challenges they face. The university offers its students with children a wide range of support, from leave of absence to childcare. The offer is complemented by personal counselling: by telephone, e-mail or on-site. You are welcome to make an appointment with the Equal Opportunities Officer.

Leave of absence

THI offers students the opportunity to take up to six semesters off on maternity leave or parental leave. The special twist within that offer is the fact that during this leave of absence - in contrast to leave of absence for other reasons - students can also take part in courses and complete studies and examinations. The standard period of study is extended accordingly.

This regulation offers studying parents the opportunity to combine studies and childhood. They can either continue their studies regularly or organise a kind of "individual part-time study" by taking leave of absence. 

For further questions please turn to the Service Center Study Affairs.

Part-time studies

The reality of life of many students today no longer corresponds to that of the past. The "normal student" - in his early twenties, childless, financially secure and full-time - is rarely the rule. THI is reacting to this development.

THI Business School now offers its bachelor's degree course in Business Administration as a part-time model in addition to the existing full-time degree course. The part-time course of studies was set up especially for students who have a justified need for part-time work due to special life situations. The contents of the part-time study course correspond to the full-time Bachelor of Business Administration, but students have more time available, e.g. to take better care of their children or relatives. 

Rooms for changing diapers and breastfeeding

On the 2nd floor of building F is the parent-child office in F 114, which is available to all THI members with children as a retreat, for working, changing diapers or breastfeeding. To gain access to the parent-child office, you must register once with the Equal Opportunities Officer.

Building Z also houses the Room of Silence, which can be used for relaxation and breastfeeding. The Room of Silence is open at all times. Occasionally relaxation courses take place here.

Maternity protection periods

On Jan. 01, 2018, the law for the protection of mothers at work, in education and in studies was passed. (Art. 1 of the Act on the New Regulation of Maternity Protection of 23 May 2017, BGBl. I p. 1228). 

The protection periods under maternity protection law also apply to female students. In a period from six weeks before to eight (in special cases twelve) weeks after childbirth, these women are exempted from their obligation to study properly (e.g. participation in examinations). However, affected female students may waive the statutory protection before and/or after childbirth by making an express request to the university, whereby this declaration may be revoked at any time with effect for the future.

In addition, special regulations apply to breastfeeding periods.

Maternity Protection Act Use Cases

In addition to some other material changes, the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) provides for an extension of the personal scope of this Act. In particular, the Maternity Protection Act also applies to pregnant or breastfeeding students if the university stipulates the place, time and expiry of the training event or if female students complete a mandatory internship within the framework of their university education.

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