Area of Expertise: Business Informatics & Logistics

Business Informatics
Business informatics has become indispensable to the design and optimisation of management processes at every level of business. Business informatics exists at the interface between commerce and IT and has increasingly become the starting point for today’s most innovative business models. This application and design-oriented field combines research and practice while focusing on various issues of commercial process management (especially subject-orientation), mobility services, IT-innovation management, and “lean IT.” Particular consideration during this course of study is devoted to the interdependency of economics, information technology and the environment.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management
The dynamic buyer’s marketplace of today is characterized by short product lifecycles and increasing demand for novel products. The area of expertise Logistics & Supply Chain Management recognizes this fact and is dedicated to the cultivation of commercial value to gain a competitive advantage.  By employing the value-based Flow Management approach and considering product family and appropriate production concepts (e.g. ETO, MTO, ATO, MTS), the SCM-Process has to be optimized accordingly to reduce time-to-market and leadtimes.  This process allows for increased flexibility and an optimized security of supply, while at the same time demanding minimal stock in order to gain broad coordination with customer cycles. To be factor in commercial success, this process-oriented approach must be accompanied by complementary IT solutions making the market-driven High Speed Logistics (even real-time logistics) concept possible.


Prof. Dr. Anna Bernhard
Digital Business and Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Dr. Oliver Gmelch
Digital Business and IT Management
Prof. Dr. Michael Mayr
Internal Accounting, Controlling and Logistics
Prof. Dr. Udo Rimmelspacher
Business Information Systems and IT-Consulting
Prof. Dr. Werner Schmidt
Business Informatics, esp. Process & IT Management
Prof. Dr. Peter Schuderer
Business Informatics and Logistics