Room of Silence

Feel like switching off amid the hustle and bustle of university life? Want to pause for a breather? No problem! The THI Room of Silence is located in the northern part of the campus. The Room of Silence gives all those who enter the opportunity to sit quietly for a while - whether to relax, meditate or pray. 

Since everyone is invited to come here and enjoy the peace and quiet, the room also has a symbolic significance: the Room of Silence stands as an ongoing call for neighbourliness and tolerance between people, nationalities and ideologies, a constant appeal against violence and xenophobia - indeed it is a small step towards peace. The idea is based on the United Nations meditation room. 

During building opening hours the Room of Silence is available to all members of the university - students, teachers and staff. It is located in Z Building (Kavalier Heydeck). The furnishings are appropriate to the room’s function, with beanbags, futon cushions, meditation stools and a soft carpet enabling visitors to sit or lie down in various positions.


Room of Silence
Z456 (Kavalier Heydeck)

Building Z is open Mo-Th 6.30 am - 5 pm and Fr 6.30 am - 2 pm

Prof. Dr. Robert Wittmann
Tel.: + 49 841 9348-3900