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Together against discrimination

Here at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, we strive to ensure that contact with one another is based on mutual cooperation and respect. Nevertheless, it is possible that in all types of relationships (both private and professional), different forms of discrimination can, and do, arise. The present guidelines (PDF) illustrate the measures victims can take in cases of sexual harassment, cyber-bullying, stalking and any other form of discrimination. There is a generally accepted model for all of these cases that shows ways and means to avoid escalation. 

As with all forms of discrimination it is necessary to differentiate between each individual case. On the one hand there is a grey zone in which inappropriate behaviour can be judged subjectively, depending on the situation. Nonetheless, this remains a case of discrimination! Here we aim at early de-escalation. On the other hand, for example in cases of violence, immediate action and legal steps are necessary. 

With this supplementary information, we would like to make the following links available that contain information and clear distinctions about the topic:

We would like to thank the above-named counselling offices and other persons in a position of trust for their prudent and sensitive handling of such situations in which confidentiality is strictly maintained. 


Gender Equality Representative